SHORT HAIRCUTS – SHORT STRAIGHT HAIRSTYLES 2016 are certainly one amongst the many new look you can try in the year of 2016. The year’s still fresh, and you can certainly make some positive changes to your appearance by applying just the right hairstyle to flatter your beauty more. If you have straight hair and is looking for the best hairstyles inspiration for straight hair in this 2016, then you are one of the luckiest. Straight hair is one of the most enviable kind of hair ever. They are straight-up gorgeous (excuse the pun), appealing, adorable with a natural kind of shine and they are also one of the most versatile kind of hair, great to go with many kinds of hairstyles. Short haircuts for straight hair are one of the hottest trends these days. They are easy to be maintained, and many of them are quite elegant, loveable, as much as they are versatile with many kinds of face shapes and overall styles. Short and straight hair is considered one of the most timeless hairstyle out there, and all you need to do is to choose the one that suits your character and your features the best.

General Rule That Must Be Paid Attention to

However, there are some general rules in hairstyling that you might need to consider so that you can get the best style that flatters your beauty completely. The general rules applied to hairstyle are that it must pay attention to the features and the shape of your face, your skin tone, as well as your lifestyle, maybe. Although the last one is more related to hair maintenance and care, but yes, it is one of the essential things. Short hairstyles work the best for round-faced people as it could make them look cuter and defines the edge of their face better. However, if you still insist on getting short hairstyle even though your face is not round, don’t worry, because your hairstylist can certainly work on that and all you need to do is to stay confident and look at the possible various options of SHORT STRAIGHT HAIRSTYLES thoroughly.

The Timeless Bob-Cut: Trendy as always!

Bob cut is always good on the go, and even this year, bob cut is still amongst the most popular choices when it comes to short hairstyles. Bob haircuts are fairly easy to be maintained and they could provide plenty of flattering attractions to your features, as well as giving you a fashionable look. There are various variations of bob haircuts you could choose, and each of them is designed to flatter certain face shape or features. For example, Inverted bobs are great for people with long chin, A-line bob hairstyle is great for round faces, and so on. Make sure you consult with your hairstylist before choosing and weight each pros and cons of any variations of SHORT STRAIGHT HAIRSTYLES 2016.