SHORT HAIRCUTS – SHORT PIXIE HAIRCUT 2016 is one of the hottest trends of haircut this year. 2016 is here, and sometimes a new year means a new style of hair for some people. Short pixie hairstyles certainly one of the best ways to start a year. It is fresh, and it’s simple and clean cut could add some youthful style and emphasizes the charms of your face, particularly your eyes. Also, the great benefit that can be gained from using this fabulous hairstyle is that they are suitable for all groups of age and they could also be adjusted to fit most of the face shapes too. Whether you need or want a new hair style that is easy to be maintained or a contemporary haircut to spruce your look on some party, there are lots of fabulous pixie hairstyle that are waiting for you to discover.

Several Short Pixie Hairstyles for Round and Long faces

While round faces could give a beautifully youthful look to most of people, many of them wish that they could somehow make it look slimmer with particular haircut. If you are one of the latter, then there’s an even more reason for you to get SHORT PIXIE HAIRCUT to flatter your round face at the start of the year. Short pixie hairstyles are great to complement round faces and creating a slimmer look of the shape. For people with such face shape, it is advised to get the one that have an added volume on top layer, but with no volume at all at the sides of the hair around the face.

You could ask your hair stylist to give you side-points cut on your sides of the hair with long and sharp trim, after that, try to style the haircut around your face and notice how they could give an impression of beautifully defined face-contours under the cheekbone of your face. As for a long face, a full fringe of pixie hair style could do well in “shorten” the look of the face shape. Side swept or full fringe are good on the go, as they could do a great job in concealing the forehead and thus, creating a lasting impression that reduces the “length” of your face. If your face shape is long and narrow though, then it is advised to get a short pixie haircut that has an added volume of hair around the sides that surround your face without added height on the top.

Short Pixie Hairstyle to Soften and Balance both Angular and Heart-Shaped Face

Sharp-featured face could be tricky to manage, but worry not, you could still be benefitted with short pixie haircuts that could give your face an attractive charm of softness. A short pixie haircut that has some pretty waves or round curls are great to define a gentle frame to your face. As for a heart shaped-face, short pixie hairstyle with fringes that could cover the forehead’s edges are great to make any wide forehead look slimmer. Those are some great SHORT PIXIE HAIRCUT 2016 you can try, hope this helps to give you inspirations on a new, fresh look!