SHORT HAIRCUTS – Pretty hairstyles for short hair are often chosen by many women who do not think they can deal with long hair. Nowadays, when we are getting busier, of course we do not have the time to complicate our hairstyle anymore. Having a long hair makes you have to spend a lot of time styling your hair. It can take hours and many women do not think they can do it. That is why many women rather have the simple short hair that will be easier to maintain and still look pretty. Below are some Pretty hairstyles for short hair.

1.     Wet Look Spiky Cut

Just like pixie cut, in spiky cut you can cut your hair as short as you like. This kind of hairstyle is very suitable for women who loves sporty but elegant look. The result of this hairstyle can be very pretty and dashing. The good news is, because the hair is cut really short, you do not have to spend hours maintaining your hair every morning. When you have this wet look cut, all you have to do to style it is brush your hair after you wash it. Then, let your hair dry naturally without hairdryer. After it dry, squeeze some hairstyling gel into your palm and then rub your hands together and use it to style your hair in irregular directions. The hairstyling gel will give the wet effect for your hair. If you want a less spiky look, you can apply the gel to your hair and move your hand to the back of your head so that it will result in a neater spiky. For the spike itself, pull up the front part of your hair and form the spike.

2.     Funky Layered Cut

Short hair and layers is just the perfect match. The layers on the hair that will make the hair look textured and have volume. To form the layers on your hair, you can ask your barber or your hair stylist to form the layers using razor and scissors. After that, for the funky effect, you can highlight some parts of your hair using bright colors such as purple or blue. For the maintain, after you wash your hair, dry your hair with hairdryer and then after it almost dries out, comb your hair and dry it again until it is completely dried. To keep the layers in place, spray hairspray all over your hair. This kind of hairstyle is one of the most chosen pretty hairstyles for short hair.

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